Quanzu Derma Therapy Soap 125g

~100% Natural ~Biodegradable ~Triple Milled ~No Animal Products ~No Coloring

Quanzu Derma Therapy Soap contains100% pure minerals, high grade and loaded in trace elements this is one of the best ways to clean your skin gently without harsh abrasives. It helps tighten pores and remineralize the skin. Formulated to respect the delicate skin of the face and body, a combination of glycerin and un-reacted fats counteract the drying effect of cleansing with water.

Furthermore Quanzu Derma Therapy Soap is Colour, Fragrance and Preservative FREE. This ensures that Quanzu Derma Therapy Soap is very gentle and is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.


Quanzu Probiotic Derma Formula 500ml

The definition of probiotics that has been widely used: "A live microbial feed supplement which beneficially affects the host by improving its intestinal microbial balance"

A healthy gastrointestinal tract is something we often take for granted. This doesn’t involve a sudden, massive overhaul; instead, it requires a gradual process in which you boost the numbers of friendly bacteria in your Digestive System - something which can easily be done with the help of Quanzu Probiotic Derma Formula.

The majority of the body’s waste which is created through the digestion of foods and minerals is deposited in your colon. If this waste isn’t excreted from your colon on a regular basis, it will allow the build up of poisons and unwanted toxins in your body. This build up makes your body tired, unhealthy and prone to illnesses and long term skin disease. Your body is completely dependent on beneficial bacteria to correctly assimilate and process the nutrition in your foods. In fact, you have ten times as many bacteria in your body as you do human cells. This digestive flora has incredible power over the immune system, meaning that the health of the body is largely tied into the health of the digestive system. It is becoming more and more evident that the majority of the body problems, including life – threatening diseases, can be effectively handled on a microbial level.


Quanzu Derma Formula Bath Salt 300ml

Quanzu Derma Formula Sea Salt can help with the relief of allergic reactions by cleansing and detoxifying your system and assists with wrinkles. Through regular soaking in water, Quanzu Derma Formula Sea Salt has demonstrated that skin disorders are relived. This will then improve skin hydration and reduce inflammation. The minerals are absorbed while soaking thereby stimulating blood circulation.


Quanzu Derma Formula Cream 300ml

Quanzu Derma Formula Cream is an effective method of fighting the itch, moisturizing irritated skin and soothing red patches. The balancing properties and oils make it suitable for dry skin. As a light, all over body cream Quanzu Derma Formula Cream is remarkably easily absorbed and leaves the skin feeling noticeably softer. This non-greasy cream assists with skin regeneration

Maintain treatment after your skin becomes clear of psoriasis. This normally takes between 2 and 10 weeks. For some, the treatment period may be longer.



Quanzu Derma Formula V-Spray has been specially formulated to protect and restore a natural balance in the vagina and can offer relief from Vaginal Irritations & Candida both internal and external and assist women suffering from Thrush (vaginal itching) – STDs and Malodours from vaginal discharges

Activated Minerals are specially formulated to quickly eliminate these excess irritants and restore a healthy PH balance to the vaginal area and prevent Virginities
For all day freshness especially during menstruation use
Quanzu Derma Formula V-Spray everyday. So spray on and enjoy

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